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Test Prep for EMT (Cost $100)

This Class helps prepare students for certification or high-stakes examinations by offering practice and simulated certification tests, detailed rationales, and powerful data dashboards This Class helps, students can build customized practice tests by selecting the number of questions for each category or subject, take notes or highlight, turn the timer on or off, flag questions for later review, and select their confidence level for each question.

 This Class offers immediate answers for completed questions and comprehensive answer rationales in practice mode to enable students to choose whether to return to the dashboard to build new practice tests or attempt a simulated certification test that mimics the actual exam. For instructors, This Class provides real-time reporting on how students are performing and where they may need additional help before they sit for the exam. Instructors and students will benefit from real-time reporting on performance and where additional help may be needed before attempting the actual exam.


Students will meet in small groups with State of Connecticut certified EMS Instructors to review each examination skill stations that students may be tested on at the state of CT Practical exam.  Students will review: Medical assessment, Trauma assessment, Random skills (joint immobilization, long bone immobilization, and bleeding control / shock), CPR/AED, and Airway management.

Practice sessions are 4 hours in length and the cost is $100 per session.

Searching for a CT State Practical Exam?

CT State Practical exams are offered twice a month on the 2nd and last Saturday of each month. Registration must be completed 10 days in advance. Use the link below to see our upcoming dates and to register today.

Class Description

Echo Hose Ambulance, in partnership with the State of Connecticut’s Office of Emergency Services, offers the Practical Certification Exam twice a month.  These exams are coordinated by Echo Hose Ambulance but proctored and overseen by the State of Connecticut’s practical exam evaluators and Chief Examiner. Exam evaluators are not employees of Echo Hose Ambulance; they are experienced State-approved evaluators that come from all over Connecticut to evaluate the exams.

We make the exam process quick and easy. 

Exam candidates are quickly registered upon arrival to the testing facility. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality exam process while minimizing test anxiety. Our exam site is consistently recognized as a premier testing location with friendly, well-organized staff who provide easy to follow testing procedures. Expect to complete the test in 1-3 hours.  Students retaking the exam usually leave the facility within 1 hour; most initial students complete the exam by 11 AM.  

Exam Site Location

We are located at 430 Coram Ave, Shelton CT 06484
Arrive by 7:20AM. Doors close at 7:50AM.
Candidates arriving after 7:50AM will NOT be admitted into the examination and forfeit their examination fee.
There are no refunds for those that do not show up or arrive late to the exam.


Full Exam (5 stations):    $120.00
Retest Exam (2 stations):  $60.00


Candidates must register 10 days prior to the exam date.  Once scheduled, students are not allowed to transfer to another test date.  

Payment is non-refundable. If an exam is canceled due to inclement weather, a catastrophic event, or due to a lack of candidates, you will be notified via your registration email. Your registration will be transferred to the next available testing date of your choice. Failure to report to a scheduled exam will result in forfeiting test registration and fees.  

There is no waiting list; if an exam is sold out, please choose another date.   

No third party inquiries. We can only communicate with the registered candidates.

There are no refunds or transfers.

Full Exam Description

Candidates are tested at each examination on five (5) required skills: 

  1. Medical assessment, 
  2. Trauma assessment,  
  3. Random skill (joint immobilization, long bone immobilization, or bleeding control / shock), 
  4. CPR/AED, and 
  5. Airway management. 

Candidates must have either completed a Connecticut OEMS approved Emergency Medical Technician course within 2 years of their exam date, or have an expired Connecticut or NREMT certification that needs to be reinstated, or are working towards completing the examination for endorsement as an EMT or EMR.

Retest Exam Description

Candidates who have failed two (2) stations may retake their failed stations on another date. Candidates repeating the exam may not necessarily repeat the same station that they originally failed. The scenario for each exam is chosen on the day of the exam by the Chief Examiner.

Rules and Requirements

Candidates must arrive 10 minutes prior to exam start time.  Candidates arriving later than 10 minutes prior to exam start time will NOT be admitted into the exam and will forfeit their exam fee.

Talking, outside papers (NREMT skill sheets, notes), electronic devices, weapons, and books are not permitted in the testing or staging areas.  Leave these items in your vehicle or at the front desk.  Echo Hose Training Center is not responsible for items left at the examination site.

What to Wear to Your Examination  

Candidates must not wear any clothing that identifies them as belonging to an organization, agency, or department (e.g. fire department, police, EMS shirts).  No hats are permitted.  Clothing should be business casual and allow for unrestricted movement, so that examination activities can be performed (shorts, skirts and low-cut shirts are not permitted).  Those dressed inappropriately may be required to change attire prior to the start of the test.

What to Bring to Your Examination

Candidates MUST bring one form of identification to the exam that is current and valid. This ID must include a photo and signature, and be a U.S. or state official ID (passport, military ID, driver’s license, or official student ID). Any candidate who does not comply will be dismissed from the exam and forfeit their exam fee and test results.

Requesting Special Accommodations

Testing accommodations may be provided with authorization from OEMS.  Documentation supporting the need for accommodation must be provided with the request.  All requests for special accommodation must be made ten (10) business days prior to the exam and directly with OEMS (dph.emslicensing@ct.gov) or 860-509-7975.


Direct complaints regarding the testing process to the Chief Examiner on the day of your exam.  

Getting your results. 

Results are provided in a Pass/Fail format. Echo Hose Ambulance does not receive any test results. Examination results are provided to your EMS instructor by OEMS.  Allow up to ten (10) business days for OEMS to provide your results. Your EMS instructor will notify you of the results.  No results are provided on the day of the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can take the practical state exam here in Shelton at our Training Center. Tests are offered twice a month and proctored by the State of Connecticut at our training center.

We are located at 430 Coram Ave in the former St. Joseph Grammar School in Shelton.  We have a well lit, off-street parking lot for students. All EMS classrooms are air-conditioned, equipped with new clean tables, chairs, advanced technology and new EMS training equipment.

Our professional, experienced CT EMS Certified Instructors have been leading EMS programs for many years. All instructors are State of CT Certified Instructors.  Our team of instructors has a minimum of 8 years experience with most having upwards of 20-30 years working and teaching in Emergency Services.  All our equipment is dedicated to our training programs and always in great working condition.  Students also complete their clinical time working along-side our amazing field providers in a busy ambulance service that responds to over 5,300 emergencies each year.  In addition, our instructors and training team will help refer and give leads to many volunteer and job opportunities to students. All students sit comfortably in a dedicated training center (former school) without interruption or distractions.

Students should dress comfortably while maintaining business casual attire. Jeans, pants without rips and tears, appropriate length shorts, shirts, t-shirts, and closed rubber sole shoes, such as sneakers are acceptable.  Tank Tops, Short shorts, low riding pants or shorts, or open-toe shoes are not allowed. *During the COVID Pandemic, masks are required by all students.

Our facility and equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each class.  Masks are to be worn at all times when in the facility by all students and instructors. All students and staff are required to complete a pre-health screening and temperature check prior to entering the facility during each class.  For a full list of our safety measures, please visit the COVID 19 rules on our main page.

You must turn 16 by the last day of the course.

No- not all students take the class with the intentions of becoming certified. Also, the student can take the certification exam(s) at any appropriate testing location, within two years of finishing the class.

To keep the tuition as low as possible for all students, we have decided to use the electronic version of the text book as most students prefer this option.  If you would like to purchase the hardcover book, we will provide you with information as to how to order a hard copybook at a discounted price. We do have used text books for sale.

Class attendance and participation in all scheduled classes are required.  If you need to miss a class due to illness or a personal reason, the student is responsible for the work missed.

No, the State of CT exam is coordinated by Echo Hose Ambulance but administered and overseen by the State of CT OEMS State Chief Examiner. All test results are kept confidential with the State OEMS Departments and only provided to the students Lead Instructor.  Please contact your lead instructor for results.

The class is $985 and includes all the materials needed for the course.  This includes an electronic textbook, online test prep materials, CPR book and Card, job referral assistance and resume assistance upon request.

Yes, our training team regularly provides off site training across the State of Connecticut for business, schools and various organizations.  We are happy to visit your business or school and provide your staff with on site CPR, First Aid, Bleeding Control, Narcan Training, Daycare CPR/First Aid Training or even coordinate an EMT or EMR class at your location. To schedule a class, please email us at office@sheltonems.com or call 203-924-5500

Yes, Echo Hose Ambulance offers multiple free training classes a year including CPR, First Aid, Bleeding Control, Substance Abuse Prevention, Narcan Administration, Mental Health First Aid and numerous Federally Funded FEMA sponsored programs.  Please visit our community classes page for more information.

Yes, certified EMT(s) can begin to volunteer or find a career in EMS once they complete their testing and become certified as an EMT with the State of Connecticut and/or NREMT.

There are no prerequisites for taking the EMT course.  We recommend a great attitude, an ability to have fun and a willingness to learn from some amazing instructors.

Our team of Instructors and EMS Field Providers give 100% of themselves to ensure we provide the resources to help each student have the opportunity to advance and obtain their future goals.

Joe Laucella Assistant Chief of Echo Hose Ambulance

The Echo Hose Difference

Top-notch instruction

EMS companies know that we graduate the best in the business. EMS is a job that requires skill and expertise; you’re responsible for peoples’ lives. We want you to be able to hit the ground running and that’s what we prepare you for - success.


Our EMS classes are the most affordable in the region.


We know it takes many hands and hearts to solve the complex issues communities face, and we try to do our part.  We provide emergency ambulance service to over 5,300 emergency calls each year,  provide free community training programs to hundreds of citizens, collect food for the local pantries, collect toys for children during the holidays and we partner with over twenty Not-For-Profits providing them with free training space for meetings, trainings and community programming.

Communities We Serve

Echo Hose offers EMS classes and training to residents in all towns and cities in Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.

Connecticut: Bridgeport, Bristol, Darien, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven, Shelton, Stamford, Waterbury, Westport, and more!

New York: Chappaqua, Scarsdale, White Plains, and more!


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